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          HAVER TECHNOLOGIES TIANJIN (HTT) is the market leader for high-quality packing and filling solutions for customers in the cement, building materials, mining, chemicals and food industry.

          We are a 100% subsidiary of the German family-owned and managed company HAVER&BOECKER founded in 1887 with over 130 years of innovation and experience with regard to the storing, mixing, packing and dispatching of bulk material. Together with over 50 subsidiary companies on all five continents HAVER&BOECKER and its technology brands HAVER+TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, BEHN+BATES, FEIGE FILLING and NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING operates worldwide with more than 3,000 employees and 150 representatives.

          After the setup of the Chinese subsidiaries Haver IBAU Shenzhen in 2005 and Haver Filling Technology Beijing in 2006, both companies merged into Haver Technologies (Tianjin) Ltd. in 2014. From our new Chinese headquarter in Tianjin we provide all kinds of filling and packing machines, silo components and conveying systems for the Chinese and world market.

          Our experience is one of our biggest advantages: we offer knowledge about the full range of packing machines, bags and products and how they work together. Through our know-how and the testing procedure in our R&D Centers, we can offer the perfectly customized machine to every customer. HAVER combines German quality with Chinese local market know-how and stands for automated, dust-free, green, maintenance-friendly and highly efficient packing systems. As technology leader, we are leading innovation and Industry 4.0 solutions and provide intelligent, clean and profitable equipment combined with fast local service and spare parts delivery to our customers.

          Whether offering you our mesh related solutions such as filtration, screening, particle size analysis and architecture or designing your future systems for agglomeration, mixing, packing, filling, palletizing and automation of your products and processes – we wish to be your competent and long term reliable partner.


          我們是德國家族企業HAVER & BOECKER公司在華投資的全資子公司。HAVER & BOECKER成立于1887年,距今已有130余年的歷史,在散料的存儲、混合、包裝及處理方面擁有眾多的創新和豐富的經驗。HAVER & BOECKER公司遍及全球五大洲,現已擁有50余家子公司和3000余名員工以及150家代表處,旗下囊括諸多品牌:HAVER+TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG(伊堡漢堡), SOMMER, BEHN+BATES(貝恩貝茨), FEIGE FILLING(菲戈)與NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING。






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